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Four Tress Salon opened its door on November 2, 1987, at 4404 Fritchey Street in Harrisburg, PA. Kathy Reider, stylist, and owner, up to that point had learned her craft expertly well to enmesh herself in the business of beauty education. She wasted no time working on precision cutting at Pomeroy’s; preparing for a championship hair-styling anKathy-Reiderd makeup competition in New York City, and teaching the art of hair and face makeovers at “Charming Models.”

From 1976-1982, she worked under Ruhl Meadath, an international champion haircutting stylist then at the Scottsdale Plaza, Harrisburg, PA. In 1982, she ventured into a business partnership at PK Professionals, where she fused barbers and hairstylists.

Opening Four Tress Salon was the culmination of all her hard work as both student and teacher in the business of beauty. Even after her salon was up and running, in the 1990s, Kathy worked with Graham Webb International, the third-best hair-cutting company at that time. She taught other stylists at their own salons how to use products, and styling, cutting, perming, and finishing techniques. During this time, Kathy employed a staff of stylists to, as she says, “bring out the best of my skills as I imparted my training on them.”

In 2008, Kathy went solo, and in the last several years has initiated a boutique-type salon, hosting Open Houses several times a year to showcase artisan jewelry, unique purses, and framed photographs by a local photographer. In addition, Kathy offers Salon-MapSplita full line of L’Oreal professional hair products.

Even though she’s had to reinvent herself during the years, she attributes the importance of building a relationship with her clientele and other stylists as what’s kept her business flourishing. Be prepared as the first thing she asks when you walk through her door is “Tell me about your hair.” Kathy is ready and willing to hear all about what she can do to “enhance your life through an expert hairstyle.”

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